Sunday, April 30, 2017

On Saturday April 22 I went to Amsterdam to visit brotherdearest (who had a birthday on April 19:). Before a family get-together and party, we met up in town for Record Store Day. We went to Concerto to see hear a performance by Spinvis and a lecture about "Singing in the Brain".
Here are some photos of my trip.

View from the train:)


Ahw, this wind turbine lost its wing.

The sky is getting darker, eep!

Love the designs at Amsterdam Central Station.

Recordstore Concerto, Utrechtsestraat, Amsterdam

"Vinylized" Record sleeves, an artproject. The silhouette on the right is a person sitting above us, watching Spinvis. We couldn't see the stage at the top of the stairs, but could listen from below. That was fun too:)

A lot of people left after the concert, so we could find a seat on the floor right in front of the stage! Check out the head of Barbapapa on the wall :(

While we are waiting for the lecture to start, I can look at more Vinylized art up close:)

Erik Scherder wrote a book "Singing in the Brain", about the effects of music on the brain. He was accompanied by Anne Soldaat, who played different sorts of songs to illustrate the lecture:)

It was very interesting and cool:)

Still feeling sad about Barbapapa though.

After the lecture we cycled to Hans' apartment (I had rented an OV bike at the station), had lunch and then waited for company. Mams and J. were the first to show up.

We took a stroll around the Baarsjes neighbourhood before dinner.

Birdspotting at the Admiralengracht.

The bird allowed me a close up of its feet!

So many pretty tiles here.

A discount supermarket Aldi at a fancy location (Senefelder, old printer's building).

More tiles (I couldn't help myself, so gorgeous;)

Cute blue houses at the Slatuinenweg. (A throughway path created in 1675)

Intriguing tree spots at Kortenaerplein

More birdspotting:)

Canal is called the Kostverlorenvaart (Baarsjesweg)

Westermosque Aya Sofya.

View from the Kinkerbridge.

We had a marvelous shoarma dinner before we went back to the apartment for the party. Good times:)
I cycled back to the station around 22:30 and got home a little after midnight.

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